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Bartonella Rash


Senior Member
North Carolina
I have been told by my Lyme Doctor that the rash I have is Bartonella...it comes and goes especially when I have had lots of stress or am on a course of antibiotics. I actually had a break out of the rash once when I had an appointment with him so he saw it first hand instead of a photograph.

My question is the rash looks like cat scratches ....red to begin with but they also most of the time have welts underneath them which makes it very sore. After a few days the welts will go down...the scratches scab over and turn into white scars. I am curious if anyone else has had this type of rash. I just finished levaquin and the last day this broke out on my back where it always does...the same place I was bit for the second time in 2012.

I know I should trust my doc but why does the rash keep reoccurring? The rash also burns in the shower and gets itchy when turning into the white scars...

Anybody think this could be something else? I feel horrible today and can hardly function from extreme lethargy.