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Bad reaction after dentist's visit 2 weeks ago, going again tomorrow. Anesthetic?

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Good god, you were awake with anesthetic during an appendix removal?????????
I'm so sorry for your daughter as well.
PTSD is a good way to describe some of this crap.

1) emergency appenctomy- they gave me a spinal which meant I was awake. You know they are "doing something down there".

(my dad- had a spinal for some thing and some family story that it was horrible so that story contributed to my SCREAMING and six people had to hold me down).

2) the f-ing orthodontist was like trips to a monthly Torture chamber

3) fortunately my daughter now has good dentists and knows how to be very careful.

like a saint he waited the 2-3 hours

Send that Saint chocolates or Flowers or something! :angel::angel:Thank goodness he can hang with the magazine.

(in contrast when its my turn? never slept the whole night, became gravely ill, had to drive hubby anyway, pacing in the waiting room hallucinating from no sleep for hours. A man, over on another bench, as I Mumbled and paced- he commented he didn't sleep either. But he "seemed" fine. :bang-head::bang-head::bang-head:)


Senior Member
Welp, so much for letting my dentist know. I got the traditional response.....

Dear <Booble>,

These symptoms are not common and not related to anesthesia reactions, which occur immediately following administration. Your physical descriptions seem to be more characteristic of a possible panic attack (shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, tingling/paresthesia sensations). You may want to speak with your doctor about possible antianxiety agents for future long appointments. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help minimize your stress going forward.

Dr. Alan J. Ing D.D.S.

To which I replied:

Thanks for your response.
I'm not really anxious about dental work (having had so much) and especially not after the fact.

I'll talk to my physician to rule out if related to my POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)/low blood volume or migraine related.


I get it and realize that for tons of people this IS anxiety related and there are definitely times when anxiety plays a role for me. You learn to know the difference. I guess I can't really blame the dentist as for most people that's what this would have been. It would be nice though if they were up on some of these other issues.


Senior Member
Ugh, and now the shit part that they are going to treat me like I'm some anxious, sniveling person and THAT is going to make me anxious.

I shouldn't have said anything to them.

vision blue

Senior Member
Do Not Mention the GAS in my presence.
Booble's childhood trauma. It goes like this:

Booble's parents had 3 young children and needed a nearby dentist... Booble's mother grew up and learned above novacaine that made it so you didn't feel anything.

I would give this message a 100 likes if I could. Brilliant referring to yourself in the 3rd person to dissociate from it all. You should write a novel! Defiintitel.

Btw, i've had dental horror stories as well also starting from age 8.

(A quick distraction before i get back to my responses to your thread: I red this thread when i saw the title because my route to illness was from dental work. years and years Had an allergic response. First time, got better after 6-8 months and the second time that was it and never recovered. Then a couple years ago realized that it was becasue i had MCAS lifelong so i was especially vulnearble to the onslaught of chemicals used on me. Would have though led a normal life (fi didn't have a differnet chemcial assault) were it not for the dental work. But when i realized the allergy was agaisnt a backdrop of mast cell stuff, made alot more sense cause i could never figure out why an "allergy" had ruined my life. )

On one of your messages here, you give the note from dentist and your reply. I thought you did a great job and did the right thing. not your fault they be dicks. YOur reply was so controlled and professional so give yourself ALOT of credit for that becaause what we all want to do in this situation is grab them by the collar and shake and say look your mother...what will it take to get you to acknowledge what's going on here? Such an added burden that you/we had to have the restraint to calmly give your reply.

if you're still regretting it how about a follow up like:

To: detnist
RE: Qucik followwup

I wanted to keep you posted that one of my MDs asked if there was any epinephrene in the anestetic becasue apparently with my dysautonomia I can get an extreme reaction to it. He also brought if the possiblity of allergy to dental materials and suggested I both try antihistamines and if the reacton returns in the future to consider dental material allergy testing. I asked him if this was possible becasue my reaction seemed a bit delayed until the way home, and he said yes, was still possible.

How's that? maybe too long, but you get the idea...Play one off the other. Does not matter if you have a phantom MD or not. Chances are dentist won't ask to speak to md and if he does, then you send a quick note to MD saying "my dentist wants to talk to you about whether i can tolerate epinephine in anestetic and also about the possiblity of allergic reactions to dental materials".

playing MDs off one another can work very well and i have used this strategy. These days i try to talk to any of them as little as possible, but works when i feel like playing.

CAn we change your name to Warrior Booble? I think you've earned it.


Senior Member
Awww, V-Blue, thank you SO much. I appreciate you saying that so very, very much.

I've definitely had that instinct to respond that "my doctor said" since I pretty much have a doctor inside my head and know the response that a qualified doctor would say. It's too bad it's so fricken hard to find a qualified doctor with whom to talk!
Your sample email response is terrific. I'll put the dentist in touch with Dr. V-Blue. *wink

PS. It's interesting what you say about my stories stated in the 3rd person. I never consciously understood about the 3rd person and disassociation from them but you hit the nail on the head.

PPS. Sorry you had the childhood dental nightmares too. Fu#k-ers.

PPPS. Sometimes with all this bullcrap I feel more like Worrier Booble than Warrior Booble.

PPPPS. Mast cells. I never knew about them til I joined this group and suddenly my entire life makes sense.

PPPPPS. Thanks again.