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BAD NEWS - PACE Trial scandal charity AfME receives more Scot Gov funding


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My heart sank when I saw this. AfME have managed to get funding out of the Scottish Government.

There has been great news with Scottish MP Carol Monaghan and the PACE trial debate. This is very sad and disappointing.

AfME are heavily involved with the PACE trial scandal and still do not recognise the issues with that.

This could have gone to genuine charities like ME Research UK, InvestinME or MEActionUK or MEAssociation.

New PhD funding for "biomedical" M.E. research

Funding for M.E research

Important background info into AfME:


I have long said that there are charities who only focus on fund-raising for themselves and do not care for those who they claim to help. The recent Oxfam scandal demonstrates the failings in these corporate charities. AfME are very similar to Oxfam and infact are much worse.
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South east England
Dont sweat about it to much @Yogi AfME are a small fish in a big pond. Any application they made for funding would have been made long before the debate in The House of Commons. Things are swinging in our favour but that does not mean there are not going to be many problems ahead for us.