bacteria or viruses by ME/CFS

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i don't know what to do right now.
Some docs says bacteria are stronger than viruses and if you treat bacteria like lyme borrelia, viruses can't survive. But some docs says exactly the opposite.
But maybe you need to treat both if you have strong CFS for a long time. But which first??
what is only your experience? not what your doc says.

Thanks :))

@Hip what you think?


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@Hip what you think?

There is no straightforward answer, because what works for one ME/CFS patient may not work for the next (and that applies to all forms of ME/CFS treatment). Usually it is a case of trying various treatments, and seeing what works for you. My roadmap document lists some approaches that you can look into.


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Some docs says bacteria are stronger than viruses

That statement doesn't really make sense. Are great white sharks stronger than hooded cobras? Is a nerve gas grenade stronger than a frag grenade? It depends on the circumstances, and the definition of 'stronger'. Bacteria and viruses can both cause harm, and both can fight treatment, but there's no easy way to say which is 'stronger'.

As for which type of treatment will reduce your ME severity, I'm not sure that anyone knows enough about ME to make a realistic judgement. Unless you have clear measurements of existing infections, I doubt that any doctor can be more accurate than a coin flip. Furthermore, if you do have an infection, there's no guarantee that eradicating it will change your ME severity. As Hip says, it's a matter of personal experimentation to wee what works for you.

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Some docs says bacteria are stronger than viruses and if you treat bacteria like lyme borrelia, viruses can't survive.
That statement doesn't really make sense.
I agree with @Wishful .... that statement just doesnt make any sense at all, but then, I'm not an expert.

Most bacteria, and our environments are teeming with them, are harmless to humans. And we all know about the power of the beneficial bacteria in our guts, which forms a large part of the 'Enteric Nervous System', referred to as the second brain which communicates with our actual brain thru the vagus nerve.

Viruses, on the other hand, are parasitic and need a live host to feed on and reproduce, in many cases eventually weakening and killing that host.

@Hip is right. Everything with this illness boils down to self-experimentation. Dr's absolutely dont have a handle on it, and anything they do is guesswork, often based on their experience with other patients, who dont have ME and therefore aren't reliable guides to treatment.

We've all had to become our own lab rats and our own Petrie dishes.