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baclofen question


Senior Member

hey am curious if anyone has taken this regularly for cfs/pain?

I posted in the Jay Goldstein thread about it as it was one of his successful tx.

Baclofen in more normal dose dropped my blood pressure dangerously so didnt use it but occasional teeny crumb of it helps break pain cycle. I took some this week to help with residual pain from flu bout--either the bug got in my spine/neck or the lying about irritated me or both. baclofen helps some but side effect now feels creepy like pillow around brain/depression. has anyone found a way to take it without that problem or way to mitigate that side effect?


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Left Coast
I tried Baclofen for sleep but it made me almost feel like I was on speed. I didn't notice any fog from it. But I do understand the pillow around the brain.

I am going to ask for it again because I have this odd tight band that responds to Phenibut. I was told they both work on Gaba B. And if I only take during the day I might be ok from the speed effect since I need something like that.

For you I would say, see if it goes away after a few days and if not, add it to the list of drugs you cannot take.


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I use it occasionally for sleep as it seems to improve sleep quality with other meds. Cant say I found it helped pain or reduced muscle stiffness though but just improving can help pain too