B6 toxicity, or deficiency?

My blood serum levels of B6 shows borderline high levels, where as my OAT (Organic Acids test from Great Plains Labs) shows low levels of B6, at a first glance this looks like B6 toxicity because my blood levels of it are on the higher side and my urine levels of it are low, indicating it doesn't get excreted from my body? Or does this actually mean I have a functional deficiency of B6?

I also have low riboflavin in my blood, and a lot of it in urine indicating a B2 deficiency, and I've read that B6 needs B2 to get metabolized. So I'm wondering if my B2 deficiency could be causing excess B6. Also my OAT results shows a glutathione deficiency and methylation defects (high levels of 2-hydroxybutyric and pyroglutamic)

Initially I thought I could've had a B12 deficiency, as I used to have very high levels of B12 in my blood for a while without supplementing which made me think maybe it wasn't getting into my cells. I also had high homocysteine. But my OAT results shows that my MMA levels are normal, does that rule out B12 deficiency?

My most concerning symptoms are:

- Heavy brain fog
- Blurry vision
- Visual snow
- Neuropathy
- Physical fatigue
- Mental fatigue

I've included both my blood serum levels and my OAT results to this post in attached files.


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