Did you benefit from Azithromycin

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Would love to hear feedback from Patients that have tried a few months of Azithromycin (usually 3 days on 4 days off per week)

After talking with a few patients that benefitted from Azithromycin, it seems like their positive effect were "actually" attributed to wiping their gut microbiome and keeping the regrowht at bay with cycling every month or every week even.

The study data I have found is very.. misleading. It looks impressive at first but when looked at the details and how much they improved and how the improvements were tested... well.

One of the treatment protocols that were offered in our Center from April 2000 till August 2005 was azithromycin 500 mg on 3 consecutive days of the week during 6 weeks
Results Of the 99 patients who were treated with azithromycin, 58 (59%) reported an improvement of symptoms. No patients were worse at the end of the treatment. Side effects were minor bowel problems that resolved by dividing the daily dosage of azithromycin.