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Autonomic Dysfunction Specialist in NSW, Aust?


Senior Member
NSW Australia
Hi All,
Its looking like I may have OI issues (highlighted from poor man's tilt table test). My GP is arranging a formal Tilt Table Test, but doesn't know of any specialists with a specific interest in autonomic dysfunction to refer me to for further assessment/management.

GP is going to use her networks to see if she can find someone, but I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any recommendations.

I'm based on the Central Coast of NSW but can travel to Newcastle or Sydney if it means I can access someone who knows what they're doing! TIA 😊


Senior Member
Brisbane, Australia
Don't know of anyone down that way but if you're on Facebook at all, there's a group called 'POTS and Dysautonomia Australia and NZ' and might have some local doctor suggestions.