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Autoimmune enlightenment


Senior Member
The following is the most enlightening article I have read about the immune system, and TH1/TH2/TH17 imbalances. The issue with ICD codes is that they can't define the complexity of many conditions that are autoimmune related because they are all different. It's always immune system related, however:

"Disease names are misleading and misinform patients about their condition or disease prevention. There is a tendency in conventional medicine to name a set of symptoms as a disease. However, there is an extremely high percentage of misdiagnosis based on symptomatology.

This is further reinforced by new ICD 10 coding system where these symptoms can only apply to this code can which can only receive that treatment. The symptoms are not the disease, but conventional medicine insists on calling the symptom the disease because that way it can treat the symptom and claim success without actually addressing the underlying cause, which remains elusive because of medical metamurism. A metamur occurs when different people describe an object from their perspective, i.e. is a vase or two people.

“Autoimmunity is a disease that causes the body’s immune responses to be directed against its own tissues.” The language is backwards. Autoimmunity is not a disease that causes an attack on its own tissue. Autoimmunity is the name given to a diagnosis of an uncontrolled, unregulated immune system. Some series of events caused the immune system to focus on your body first and then the diagnosis was pronounced after a visit to the Doctor’s office. The damnable thing with autoimmune disease is that just like the potato chip ad says, “You can’t have just one”."