Autistic Kids and GI Problems Linked

I have taken DPP IV tablets for a while. (from Kirkman Labs) I have tried them on my son and seen improvements - but removing gluten and dairy totally from his diet works far, far better. Getting the right dose is very hit and miss.

They definitely help clear up brain fog if you have eaten some gluten or dairy. I often get a headache with them though, and I cannot figure out if this is because I not getting the right dosase to deal with the amount of gluten, or if they start attacking some intestinal biofilm and trigger a herx reaction.

I need more time to experiment, but I think there are other factors going on and this is only one of them.

If anyone else has tried the tablets I'd like to hear how you got on.


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Chilling research into vaccine-autism link

" Our recent research has identified an amino acid transporter that may be involved in gastrointestinal inflammation and might also contribute to the neuronal inflammation that others have found in the brains of autistic children. A connection between the gut and the brain in autism makes sense to me."

Richard Deth, professor of pharmacology, offers his response to the controversy surrounding a study linking a childhood vaccine to autism.

Dr. Richard Deth is a molecular neuropharmacologist and Professor of Pharmacology and at Northeastern University in Boston. His research interests are directed toward elucidating the molecular events that cause neuropsychiatric disorders in which impaired attention is a prominent feature.

Dr. Deth’s laboratory has discovered a new signaling pathway involving the D4 subtype of dopamine receptor that is linked to the risk of ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease. A key aspect of his work is the role of folate-dependent methylation reactions, including their regulation by dopamine and growth factors and their inhibition by neurodevelopmental toxins.

Dr. Deth is the author of a recently published book entitled: “Molecular Origins of Human Attention: The Dopamine-Folate Connection”.