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Assistance Required

Hi All, long time reader, sometimes contributor here.

I require some assistance with my current predicament!

Just crashed out of a three month cycle of Flagyl 1000mg 8 days, rotated with Vivomixx.

First month no real issues, second month emergence of muscular pain and flu like symptoms.

Third month lasted three days until emergence of nerve pain where original muscular pain had been became unbearable. A whole host of other symptoms ranging from totally disrupted gut, throat infection and inner ear infection.

I can handle a lot of side effects, but emergence of nerve pain has put me over the edge. I've gone from being relatively stable with moderate fatigue, cognitive and gut issues, to the fatigue being completely replaced by nerve pain. Conversely cognitive issues have also almost disappeared with my gut cramping and bloating to an incredible amount.

The Flagyl is my number one suspect, although I had been trialing PQQ at the start of the cycle as well which I since ceased when the muscular pain emerged.

I feel like I've done a complete 180 from being fatigued to and abundance of energy but accompanied by burning nerve pain.

Any insight into the effects of Flagyl or what I might do to reverse this trend/ reduce the nerve pain would be greatly appreciated!
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I know Flagyl quite well and that is one of the top side effects (nerve), that happened to me within a short period of time and stopped taking it. Typically, Flagyl is not taken for a long period of time from what I have read. Antioxidants should address this issue (vit C & E), I am a big fan of zeolite (micronized) and feel that it has great pulling power.

There are cousins of Flagyl such as Secindazole and Tinidazole that are supposed to have less side effects but if it were me, I would stay away from these. I have a list of some natural antibiotics that could be safer.


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Silicon Valley, CA
Yeah, I totally understand the impulse to stay on anti-fungals until you begin experiencing some severe issues. I did the same! Ornidazole in my case.

For nerve pain issues I use Terry Naturally Healthy Feet & Nerves -- but I agree you should talk to your dr about how long you've been on Flagyl. Long-term use has to destroy the microbiome.