Article: Wanda Jones Talks/ CFSAC Disappoints/Agenda/Audio Call-In Set


We desperately need Wanda to intervene at HHS to restore handicapped access to ME/CFS meetings.

Wanda has always been able to get things done, and she knows that online video is a necessary accommodation for us. Dr. Lee has only responded with an unsigned form letter announcing the new location. What a mess she has created! I hope people will write daily to the protest list until this is restored. and at
cc Bob at to track the numbers.

And Wanda, please require Dr. Lee to sit alone in a hotel room and hold the telephone for two full days. (She may hold the phone during lunch break or call in again at 1 PM.)
Its a real time of change at the NIH. Two really dynamic figures, Dennis Mangan and Wanda Jones, are gone and two new people we know little about are on the mat now. One thing we have learned is that people do make a difference. Dr. Hanna, for all her knowledge of CFS, was not effective and her in-fighting with Dr. Reeves, didn't help. We really need dynamic pro-active people in these positions; hopefully Dr. Lee and Dennis Mangan's replacement will step up.