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Article: Unstable At the Core? NCF Funds Cutting-Edge ME/CFS Gene Study


Does anyone (@Marco @Cort) have the link for the 2011 paper by Jammas on heat shock protein? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
This is a fascinating line of research. I believe that CFS will in fact be found to have genomic instability as a possible effect of the disease process. But one thing puzzles me, and that is: How do some people with CFS get better? When I was undergoing treatment for cancer and received both chemotherapy and radiation, I got BETTER.

Presumably, both of these things would likely promote even MORE genomic instability, wouldn't they? Is it possible that chemo wipes out a whole batch of faulty cells and thus leaves more cells that tend to function more normally?

We know that some people improve, for example, with the methylation supplements. Is it possible that the real effect has less to do with raising levels of glutathione and more to do with silencing genes that have been "misplaced?"

Bottom line, this may be the undeniable evidence that we all crave, but what does it say in terms of treatment, if anything at all???
Do you know what chemotherapy you got ?