Article: Transcription of Judy Mikovits Prohealth Lecture: Parts VI and VII: Q & A


A big thanks to everyone doing these transcriptions. It is highly appreciated.
Thanks Cort and all those transcribing - what a team!
Many thanks everyone who helped put this together:Retro smile:It helps so much to get a handle of the science. I can't wait to see how much (little) has filtered down to my consultant (proff in Infectious Diseases) when I see him on April fools day (no joke):eek:
thanks SO much for the transcription - much appreciated!
Very exciting to see all this information and how it is moving forward. It seems so long since they found XMRV and I am anxious to get feeling better before I am too old to enjoy good health. Thanks so much for the transcription.
A joy to read and follow their thinking too - thanks so much to you all. Strong feeling Dr Mikovits will "crack it". Cort has now appeared at the top of the page - so thanks to Cort who made all this possible.
Bumping, and also thanks for the transcription - very interesting and well worth a read.
Brilliant, thanks for the hard work transcribing this. Makes a lot more clear for me, as someone who's just beginning to learn about the XMRV connection.