Article: The Stanford Initiative For Chronic Infectious Diseases (including ME/CFS)


Hi Eric=-
Cort has given an excellent overview of all the components of CFS/CFIDS/ME scattered throughout the website, so in answer to your question.....Yes...this issue has been discussed before on this forum. I disagree with you that you need XMRV to develop CFS......only because I believe there are 3-7 subsets of this disease. I know for sure of 2 subsets. One is A) Virally Induced with viral reactivation and the other B) shows no viral reactivation. It is the same in GWI, Autism, MS, Lupus, ALS, etc.....only a percentage of patients are showing XMRV Positive although they all are diagnosed with the disease. I keep thinking that a smoldering aspect in all of this is HHV-6A. I've heard it said that HHV-6A may be the fuel that ignites to the fire of Death for AIDS patients. Genes, a plethora of viruses, a multitude of co-infections, STRESS factors, cytokines, TNF and XMRV and hormones and auto immune diseases all play a part in this maze of CFS. Figuring out the subsets may fully never happen. And like Human T=Cell Lymphoma (retrovirus), how it is spread may never be fully understood....transmission is key because this puts us all at risk. Sadly, there may be more treatment options for success for some subsets than others. Horrifying.....
Hi Floydguy:

You mistake my verbiage. My point was proper journalism and respect for Doctor Patient Rights; such as those stated in HIPPA. I commended Timaca for her and Corts Journalistic approach and told her so publically. I believe and trust she followed protocol and followed proper legal procedure for obtaining consent signatures and forms in writing, etc. as stated by law. I believe Stanford to be of the uttmost moral and ethical standards and methodologies so I trust if they said to publish this letter within this time phrame, that this is within good moral judgement. I do expect a letter addressed to me by a physician to be read by me before it is published, unless it is a newsletter. Especially if it has my name, address and patient number on it.