Article: The IGIVE Video Contest is OVER! Thanks Everyone - Now Vote for the Winning C00-Nonprofit


We've already overtaken Muttville! We've got to be worth more than rescue homes for obscure dog breeds. Vote, everybody! We can easily win this - we're a huge international online community and the others are tiny local causes.
We've put Muttville behind :D I think contest is 'ripe' for winning. :). A click a day will do it.
The top 18 vote getters will get from $150 to $1000. We're #32 right now.....We've won $50 so far. I will keep everyone posted.
Watch out Labrador Rescue - we're coming for YOU! :victory:
Neck and neck with Labrador Rescue... one more vote, one more vote...
I've done my bit for the day. Goodness but there are a lot of local animal-rescue organizations out there.
Hey, Labrador Rescue is in the rearview mirror! Now we're neck and neck with DAWG (what else?). We're storming up the rankings!
Sasha & Cort, you are terrific cheerleaders!

And besides the money PR is getting from the video contest (at least $50), because our iGive membership has gone from 9 to 42 in a few days, this means, I hope, that PR will see bigger checks every month from now on.

Thanks, everyone. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.
Thanks everyone. We only need about 140 votes to get into the top 18 and bring in more cash. ;)
We've passed DAWG and are panting after biodiversity now. Only 2 votes ahead!
We just moved up a couple of slots :). I love seeing our veges there next to all those dogs. Next up - we show Constant Love some Phoenix Rising Love! They won't know what hit them... :victory:
Thanks Helen.

People could put this in their sig for November.
I'm off to do this now.
Hot Diggety Dawg - we're up to #23 - 80 votes :)Retro cool:)...5 more places and we'll be in the top 18!

Great idea Dolphin - thanks!
We passed the symphony/marching band (I wonder how that would go over at a game?hmm), now it's another group of dogs- these ones are cute and they even sing. I still think the root vegetables can do it!
If you want to win this thing, got to get on it: the #1 entry has 1657 votes to Phoenix Rising's 93! I found it a little hard to find the video contest after registering for iGive. If anyone else has that issue. the link to go to after registering is:

First, you need to register, at:

You pick your cause (type Phoenix Rising in the blank), then register. Then go to the link for the video contest that I gave above and vote. If you leave it open it is easy to vote every day.

Sorry if this seems terribly obvious. But I was tired when trying to do it and could easily have given up when it wasn't obvious how to get to the video contest.

Happy voting.
We just need two more votes to overtake those collies - come on UK/Europe, let's do it before the US wakes up - we should be able to wipe the floor with all these other charities, we can do international 24 hour voting!