Article: The Best XMRV Study Underway? Dr. Singh Talks!


"Increased levels of estrogen in women, for instance, could possibly trigger the virus as well."

If Estrogen plays a role in XMRV-replication, we might have an answer to the sexe question: why is CFS (XMRV?) more present in women than in men?

Possible answer: because Estrogen is!
(just some late night speculation)

Nice summary Cort, saves me the energy of listening and trying to make sense of it. Thanks!
My ME abruptly started within hours of having uterine surgery. Ovaries not touched but, with hindsight, the surgery prompted a sudden drop in oestrogen production.

My gyn consult says there are anecdotal reports of sudden, premature, menopause precipitated by uterine surgery, although there have not been any clinical investigations into this. So, sudden, catastrophic, ovarian failure it is not, yet, regarded as a possible outcome of uterine surgery, although there is an unwritten, real, possibility that it might happen.

Subsequent hormone replacement has helped with some symptoms, but energy levels are still very low. Muscle pain, brain fog and vertigo & dizziness are still major problems.
My oestrogen levels fluctuate wildly and for no, so far, detectable reason. Whilst on a stable oestrogen supplement my levels often go from a low, post-menopausal, level to a very high (double!) pre-menopausal level.

If anyone has any ideas as to what may be influencing these exaggerated swings, please let me know!