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Article: Tests Confirm It - Ampligen Works!

Thats excellent! Everyone has that little thing in life we like like to do that takes us to a diiferent world and keeps us going and enjoying life. I may not seem that big to the outside world, but the joy for u of playing the piano is like having the icing on the cake, where as before u just had a few dried up crambles of that cake and no chance of that icing because of cfs.

So is there going to be world wide availablility of this icing/ampligen? or is this just another study that just a lucky few het to taste?

Kelvin it was lovely to read your story, I recognise a lot of it in my own life. I hope you will continue to improve. Thank you so much for taking the time and the energy to share your experience with us.
All the best kelvin!
Thats amazing Kelvin - Im really happy for you:Retro smile: - thanks for taking the time to write that all out - you give the rest of us hope!
Did you experience many side effects?
I was also wondering if the drug was very expensive? if this is too personal I understand.
Thanks Kelvin, It's been wonderful to read of your experiences - because you paint such a great picture and know just what it's like to be so ill. I've really appreciated all your descriptions and illustrations of your progress. What luck we have had to have had a journalist take the Ampligen trip. Please know that you have deeply affected my life and the possible future decisions I maek. Congratulations and I hope you continue to improve. Jill