Article: Standing Up For ME/CFS: Rivka Takes on Washington



I watched your video yesterday and it brought me to tears. So many smart, creative and caring people ridiculed if not completely ignored.

Thank You!
Have to give you big credit! You do have guts girl! Most people would not do what you did as they would be terrified of being arrested - this being post 9-11. But you did good girl! I think they figured you were not a threat so they left you alone and then were curious why you were there.

Good going. Proud of you. They would have taken me off to the DC jail - not a place any one wants to go to!

Rivka, congratulations on your courageous and powerful statements! I appreciate your efforts to help ME/CFS patients and to safeguard the blood supply!
Wow Rivka!!! How amazing!
I wish I could have been there with you and made it a two person protest!
Love, Forebearance
Rivka - Great work! That takes guts! Thanks for your hard work!
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Very inspiring and motivating. Thanks Rivka (mom and sis too)....that took ovaries, and a passion for justice for our cause.
It makes think a) how effective video's are at spreading the word and b) why we don't this all the time. Certainly why we don't do video's at the CFSAC meetings twice a year. Think how inspiring it would be if we had video's from all around the US and Europe and elsewhere of patients protesting the lack of research into ME/CFS.

All it takes is one person with a camera and some people to show up at a designated spot and talk.....its takes a little organization....a little motivation........some passion..
Anybody who has Facebook you can easily spread the word by clicking on ths Share/Save button on the top left of the page
Thanks for doing this Rivka, like Cort says we should do more of it, it's very effective.
I am so shy and non confrontational, I think this is amazing - that you did this by yourself and it wasn't half hearted just makes it more beautiful
Thank you, Rivka. One person - ill, so alone - in front of a big government - really quite moving.
Great going Rivka. I hope your protest helps others understand how it takes just one, to start making us heard.

Best luck on getting things changed there in America.
Well Done! Thank you, Rivka. Such a simple, brilliant idea. Very powerful. I did send the letter along to K. Sebelius. Great contact.

Thank you for your excellent demonstration!
Great locations, commentary and posters!

And all our voices will come together - strength from we incapicted too long ignored. (Pathetic). But from all our stories we will move science.
Rivka is heroic! I posted a link to the article on my fb page.
Rivka - well done. That was such a courageous act and demonstration!

It was good to hear that you had the support of your family too!

It also just goes to show that security guards do have a heart, if you can just get through to them (I once made a US Customs/Passport official smile at JFK airport by mistake - it doesn't happen very often!)
good going...........i would be out there w/you, a heartbeat.........if i could.!
Haven't left my home in over a yr.,,,to sick

thank you soooo much, " for standing-up" for all of "us"
in blessing's,