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Article: Q & A After XMRV and CFS Lecture By Dr. David Bell

Thanks Cort - interesting Qs and As.

I was puzzled by his statement that when people are better enough to exercise in the way they did before they were ill, they're 100% recovered, and won't get ill again.

Not the case with me, and some others I know. After being ill for 8 years, I was welll for many years and was ski-ing, playing sport, hiking etc. But then started to get relapses, and have been ill again since 2002. Other researchers have found that the illness often recurs after a long period of remission.

I had the same situation, I was able to run 2 miles and do a full exercise program my 4th year after getting sick and then had a total relapse. That's actually why I got in to see Dr. Bell. He knew that was bad news for me. But in retrospect I still h ad problems that "good" year....my gut still didn't work at all and certain muscles still weren't totally normal. I think sometimes the line between being 90% better or 100% better can be very fine.....and I was probably only at 80% better, but compared to having been completely bedridden, it FELT like normal life again. ~Fern
I was the same as you both... I was disappointed with that bit of the Q&A. I had what I would consider a 100% remission for 5.5 years or so and then got severely ill again in October last year.
Glad to hear there are others who have the same thing. I was beginning to doubt myself...

Rachel xx
Some time ago I asked about spouses getting sick over at the prohealth forum. I got several responses from people who had this happen. And, let's assume for a moment that XMRV turns out to be the cause. People can carry this without it being activated. It could be that some spouses have XMRV but don't show it.
Yeah. It's funny, Dr. Klimas said something similar in her talk. But I remember Dr. Peterson talking about some spouses he saw in 2004. But if Bell and Klimas don't see it, it must not be that common. Possible, but not common. Fascinating.

(And of course the mother son thing terrifies me.)