Article: Opening the Door to a New Era. The WPI Arrives


Hey, it's always been only one individual, or one small group, that has changed the world. Copernicus, Galileo, Michelangelo, Darwin, Einstein, Ghandi, Mikovits, Whittemore...

Rock on.
Yes, the thing is - how often is the world changed - how often is a field of endeavor changed? Radically altered, so that its hardly even recognizable afterwards? Not very often.......Very rarely, in fact. Most change occur incrementally...if XMRV REALLY works out it will be a extremely rapid paradigm changing event - like the asteroid that hit the planet 100's of millions of years ago that changed almost everything.

I actually wonder if any disease has been as altered as quickly as ME/CFS could be if this all works out. The potential is certainly there. We shall see what happens.
thank you cort, for keeping me me intelligently well informed, and,God bless the Whittemores and the WPI
i cannot imagine how it must feel to be annette know that you began a chain reaction that will end up curing not only CFS, but so many other diseases, including many cancers. it is just too mindblowing for words.
i mean...deep down..i think we all now suspect that these very hard to find retroviruses will be at the root of most CNS diseases...maybe autoimmune diseases....i mean....THIS IS A REVOLUTION started by ONE WOMAN. she is going to be in so many medical history books