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Article on "long-haulers" not recovering from COVID-19. Sound familiar?


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And yet meds for anxiety definitely have their place. Why make suffering people suffer even more? I was shocked when I first began having anxiety attacks...horrid things. They're bad enough, but when they go into panic attacks then someone is likely to hurt him/herself. Talk therapy works....but only a very few times. We can get it under control, but most of us are going to have it recur again in our lives.

Benzodiapines are great forn
Hello @Rvanson....It's good to see you here again.

As always, it depends on what you read and what you've read that is an indication of how matters are working out for say Long Haul patients and those of us with ME. At the very least I think we can hope for at least an understanding of post viral symptoms and that, indeed, they do exist and some people simply never recover.

Personally (just my view) I've never thought the answer lay in just one thing or the other....it's different things for different people. I hope with all my heart that at least decent treatment of symptoms will be found for all who suffer....whether it's COVID or ME. I know that in my time my symptoms have changed....moved from one area to another or in some cases, simply disappeared without any special fanfare. Of course I've been fortunate enough to escape the newest viruses....but don't you get sick of being in the house so much? I do.

The young should do as much as possible while they have the willingness and some energy to overcome this matter as much as they can.

I'm totally amazed at what my body has survived through all of this, including my now fractured pelvis in five places plus a fractured vertebra. You know I'm healing and I'm even undergoing a careful amount of PT. It's the first time I've had the joy of seeing & feeling my body recover. I'm getting better day by day and even though I do work at it....the body is capable of healing. Yes, there are very bad times, but we also need to credit and educate ourselves as much as possible. Progress is being made but we're rather stuck with so many other orphan illnesses.

Just don't forget to take care of your bones (investigate carefully first...I'm now returning to vitamins, minerals and enzymes) b/c that seems like an age thing until you're hit in your younger years. Men too, if you're over 70. I'm now 75 and expect it...but lay the foundation much earlier if possible. Better health. Yours, Lenora.

Hello Lenora,

It is always nice to read your posts, but I am a man, and am not in any way young, being in my mid 60's now. The Incident at Incline Village, NV is inexcusable, calling them having “Yuppie Flu”. Only an Imbecile would do that, and in my mind, many of the COVID-19 people thought that, thus I have absolutely NO sympathy for the Covid "Long Haulers".

I've had ME/CFS for 26 years, costing me lots of money and my former fiancé as well.

I myself had COVID-19, but my body seems to be/have killed off, but it set my ME/CFS back some. I am not in agreement with those who claim ME/CFS is caused by a virus, in the way I ended up with it in 5 hours after a meal with friends, none of whom caught it, but they didn't choose the meal I chose either. I believe it was contaminated with bacteria, that set off my ME/CFS and I always will. Most humans are infected by 90-95% HHV.

The "long-Haulers" have 1-2 years of putting up with something similar to CFS/ME can bite me! It would hurt less than what we with ME/CFS have been through. I also believe that only they will be helped by any future medications or investigations, unlike us, If I could be the king of the planet I'd try Ampligen. It has been here for 30 years and it DOES help 70 percent of people with ME/CFS in trials. This while Americans spend $12K a month on drugs for people who contracted HIV/AIDS, so don't claim we can't afford it.

The best to you, Lenora!


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Thanks! Who knows the real cause of ME? It could be one thing (which I doubt) or many. Right now it remains a huge puzzle, the same as it has been since the Lake Tahoe outbreak.

In some ways my ME is better (as I stated before) and in others it has changed forms. Yes, I have bad times...most of us do, but as you know remaining hopeful helps. One of the big battles I'm fighting now has nothing to do with ME or my other problems....osteoporsis. Simply old age doing what it does to us. I hope you don't have to deal with it as it's just one more thing.

Here's hoping the spring and summer mos. won't be an issue this year. It's so beautiful where you are . Take care of yourself and every good wish. You're at the entrance to the "older years" and at least we know what to expect. Yours, Lenora.