Article: ME/CFS may be linked to failure in energy supply to the cells


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Here is one from Wednesday 08. September 2021
"ME/CFS may be linked to failure in energy supply to the cells":

“The results show what happens at the overall level in the body, and can indirectly tell us about conditions concerning the cells' energy metabolism,”

The researchers also measured hormones. Here they saw indications of energetic strain in the cells,

“We believe it’s an underlying failure in the energy supply that causes metabolic adjustments. Different systems are activated to keep energy production going continuously,” says Tronstad.

“We think that the autoimmune mechanism might affect what’s called autoregulation of tissue blood flow,”

“When we do an activity, the muscles have to adjust the blood flow to get enough. A higher work requirement requires more blood, causing the blood flow to be adjusted. If that adjustment doesn’t work well enough, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells may be restricted.

“There are also several ME/CFS studies that point towards the possibility of disturbances in regulating blood vessel function. This gives us a basis for forming a hypothesis that the metabolic changes are adaptations that might be due to the cells not receiving an optimal supply of oxygen,”

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