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Article: Magic wand anyone?

Yes, I realize that many may think, "a business? I can't even get out of bed." I have been there. I understand it and know what it's like. I am lucky to be out of it NOW.

One never knows when it will come back, if it will come back. I am always aware of it and the fear is always right there.

Hi Spitfire. I also get much sicker when I have my period and I have never been able to take birth control pills. They make me so sick (like I have a horrible case of food poisoning). I am probably going to be getting a low dose hormone IUD soon. My doctor assured me that it would not make me sick. We'll see.

I definately understand the feeling of wanting to be successful and not being able to be. I have been working on a degree for about 20 years now. I take a class here and there when I can. I did graduate with a Paralegal degree at one time at the top of my class and was thinking of going on to be a lawyer. That never happened.

My sister happens to be the lawyer who took on Enron. Her law firm is the firm who found the Grandma Millie tapes. She bought a house a few years ago for 1.1 million. Imagine going out to dinner with that? Actually, I can't go to expensive restaurants because I cannot afford it. The last time my family got together she wanted to go to a very expensive restaurant and told my dad that she was tired of being "punished" because when I was around she could not go where she wanted to go. I see her once every 4 or 5 years.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I understand and sypathize with what you are going through.