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Article: Learning to Fly Again (the Ampligen Chronicles)

Congratulations Kelvin - I think this is such uplifting news or everybody - even those who can't afford Ampligen right now. For one thing it solidifies how effective Ampligen can be -which can only give everybody hope that by the end of this year, Hemispherx will have FDA approval for Ampligen. That will open the doors for everyone - for insurance company acceptance, for lower costs of the treatment and for better research. Hopefully Ampligen will float everyone's boats!

Congratulations again and thanks so much for being willing to tell your story - and in such great fashion :D:D:D. I hope everybody reads it.
i was just wondering about you the other day, haven't seen a post in a while, which usually means things are much much better:thumbsup:

feelings aren't hurt at all!! in fact just the opposite.i know some day i will be able to afford/ find a protocol that will help. because of the sacrifice you made, it just might be Ampligen!

so thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting your life, your Money, your time, everything really to take that chance on Ampligen!
it's a good thing for all of us :thumbsup:

let us know how things are going from time to time, and congrats on your New life :balloons:
Thank you Kelvin,

While I was getting worse, you were getting better. Better because of a treatment that perhaps one day would be available to me. So no hard feelings at all. You were my 'guinea pig' :D I hope you can maintain the 70% health and enjoy every minute of it. I wish you all the best.



Hey great quote on your site Berthe!

"It's Fascinating if you think about it That we get Hundreds of Thousands of people who have an illness where clause They are really sensitive to stress and then we put themself in a situation where they're deprived of all types of resources and needs They're incredibly distressed ... Would we do that to laboratory mice."

-Dr Lenny Jason

never saw that before. Nice site!
WOOO HOOOO!!! Doing (mental) back flips over this news my friend.

I don't see being bummed by your news whether I could afford the drug or not. Your story says that this dragon can be put down, and we need to hear that. Also, it just does my heart good to hear of a brother making it out of this nightmare. Too much focus on a problem without hope for a solution is self defeating, and so your story must be shared. Thank you.

I wasn't sure if your Learning to Fly video would be Tom Petty or Pink Floyd....but this one is perfect! Celebrating with you! God Speed Kelvin!
That's great news, Kevin. :Retro smile: Not just for you, but for all of us. It means that one day treatments may be available. Maybe it will be like getting chemo for cancer: hell to go through, but worth it if it gives you your life back. If there were chemo available that would give me the kind of improvement you've had, I'd certainly go for it.

Thanks for sharing your good news. I'm happy for you (really!). :balloons:
I've been looking at some of your old blogs -- there WERE alot of ups and downs, that's for sure. It's amazing to look at those and see the changes over time. Gotta think that Ampligen will be approved....
Thanks so much for the kind comments and support friends.

Yes, Cort, I just don't have a category in my mind for this drug NOT being approved. It's been way too long, and the Ampligen story with the FDA over the past 20 years reads like something told around a camp fire in a third world nation. It's like the 3 Stooges wrote the script: never funny, and someone is always getting knocked in the head. "Paging Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard!"

But I am convinced things are turning around, and that the horizon for the approval process is much brighter. I have heard a number of rumors and anecdotes from nurses and doctors involved with Ampligen about what Hemispherx is up to lately in that regard, and have confirmed about half of them. I am aching to report here on Phoenix Rising what I've heard, but in two specific cases I have been asked not to publish anything on the record for a few more weeks. As soon as I can get these folks "on the record" you'll be the first to know.

Marlene, I don't know anything about the stock market these days, and am not sure even the "experts" do either! But it just makes sense that when a drug is approved, that stock goes up, no? So maybe you will get "healthy" one day in both ways to which you referred.