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Article: How to Make Money While Sick in Bed

No. Most of the sites will accept US, Canada, and UK. Just read their faq's. Quickrewards is all three, Cashle I think is all three and Adpaid, too. Dollarsurveys takes anyone with a Paypal account. The only one I'm not sure of is Opinion Outpost.
Here is more info from my blog:

I also wanted to add, some of these sites do take international people. I think QuickRewards allows US, Canada, and the UK. Adpaid might also. And DollarSurveys takes anyone with a Paypal email address. So if you're in the US, Canada, or the UK, you can still make money this way.

Most surveys pay anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar each. Try to do as many of the dollars ones as you can, but even the fifty cent ones add up.

Surveys usually take a half hour to an hour to complete. They always lie and tell you fifteen minutes or twenty minutes. It's never true. I even had a crazy long one that took two hours and I was determined to stick it out and get my money. I did get credited for it at the end.

You won't qualify for alot of surveys no matter who you are. They look for certain people. They might want to hear from a twenty year old when you are in your forties, so they disqualify you. Maybe they want someone with a baby or someone who works full time. It really just depends on what they are looking for. So you just have to keep trying and trying till you get one that lets you do it.

I've done movie surveys for movie studios where they showed a trailer and asked me how I liked it. I've done a perfume survey for a company that was looking for how we liked their packaging. I've done a survey for fast food and surveys for shopping for different things. Some of the surveys are actually interesting.

TIP for short term memory loss while doing these surveys: Simply take a screenshot using prnscr (print screen) on some keyboards you have to press shift and prnscr. Then open paint and paste it in there. So if they show you a picture, do this, and then you can easily answer their questions on what the ounces of drink were or the flavor or colors.

Survey subjects are random. You can do one about food and then get one about tv or airplane flight experiences or cars. Some are fun to do, some are too long, some are frustrating and repetitive. But you will make money. I made two more dollars just since I posted this.