Article: HealKick! Forum for Young Adults with ME/CFS Begins


I was just a little younger then you are Joey when I got CFS/ME bad but wont join the forum as I do turn 40 in a couple of mths but just want to say I think it's a great idea to have one for this age group, there are different impacts ME/CFS has on the younger ones.

One thing I found with getting CFS/ME younger then many is that I never had the chance to have a proper full time job, never had a chance to finish off my studies, never got to marry and stuck at home etc etc etc. All these things I think have had major impacts on my self confidence as I look back at my life and dont have those successes that older ones can look back on. Its like I lost those things before I had a chance to do them and I cant say "oh I was successful at that".

Its like I never got a chance to really find out who I was or could of been....
I agree taniaust....the early years in particular with ME/CFS were rough as I had to deal with missed opportunities. I hope Joey can build a resource where people to come to grips with them better.