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Article: Embracing Reality (Ampligen Chronicles Trt#28)

Thanks, "Pris."

Yes, "sensing progess", I'm sure your stats are correct, because I pretty much put everything I have into the blog entries- then I'm brain dead for at least 2 weeks creatively. I also participate in a couple other Forums as well as my own blog site - they are all duplicates of what you read here, but that does increase the workload slightly.
But you've raised a good point- this is my favorite online community. I think Cort does an incredible job and I support it financially as well as emotionally. As I continue to improve I should probably invest more in random posts. Thanks for the comment!
Hi Kelvin,
What a beautifully written blog! I love reading everything you write. "Embracing Reality" caused me to get a big lump in my throat. Thank you for the inspiration. Best wishes for further improvement.