Article: Dreambirdies Striking New CFS Video--CFS Patients Address the CDC



I would happily send this to local stations. I'll gladly pay postage and DVD copying costs. If you send me one, I can make additional copies.

I did put this on my Facebook wall and sent it to (all 10 :) of) my twitter followers.

PS - when I was much, much healthier and lived in your neck of the woods, I spent quite a lot of time at Sea Cliff beach and catching concerts at the Catalyst. Great memories.

Very cool, Otis! Thanks for your efforts.
Yes, I remember those days when I could actually go out to a concert. Seems like long ago.... cuz it was!

As for the DVD's, I will try to get some copies made soon. I HAVE TOO MUCH REST to catch up on at the moment.
But PLEASE DO REMIND me and I will send you a DVD copy ASAP. thanks!
Thanks for this! CDC and NIH reverse their course and help people with ME!

Pls note- the testimony by Dr. Loveless to Congress, quoted in Osler's Web, is that ME/CFIDS patients are ON AVERAGE as disabled as people with late-stage AIDS.
I must say Striking is a good word for the video. The music compelled me in to just sitting and reading.

Loved it!

Good work Dreambirdie!

:Retro smile:
excellent job Dreambirdie, thanks for all your hard work. This should really help the cause!
I put it out on my Bringing the Heat blog as well - Heres one comment -

"This is an impressive work of art. Everybody I've sent it to says the same thing."
And this one:

Thank you. This is such and beautiful, striking and all-too-real video. Now the trick is to get it to people who can do something about it.

Thanks Cort, for sharing these comments with me. I am glad to see people appreciating my work.

"Now the trick is to get it to people who can do something about it."

YES! I agree.

I am hoping to get some copies on disk in the next few weeks to send out to others, who might be able to get the video out into the larger public viewing audience and on the air at their local community tv stations, as I have here. Otis has already requested I send him a copy. If we can get the info out into our local communities that will be a start. I will also send one to the PBS station in SF and see if they can run it there.

Any other ideas are welcome.
My Dad even chimed in (he's a real supporter - I have been REALLY lucky).

Really fantastic. What more can be said.
I agree that its time to think about taking these video's to the next step.