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Article: Dr. Reeves Out at the CDC

Oh yes, there is a Deity! Cort and others have been exposing the misdirection of funds and lack of sound research for years. Finally a chance for the CDC to get their heads on straight and get us some results. Keep up the pressure.
They sure do keep it close to the vest; nothing on the CFS section of their website a week later. Its like a black box down there. The organization is as poor as Dr. Reeves was at communicating. So much for transparency.
Hi Adam - great to have you here. I went to school in Wakefield for a while so I wasn't far from you I don't think.

As my hubby often says: "When it comes to news, timing is everything." He keeps his eyes open for the time when they release certain news and that tells you a lot about the dark machinations behind it. Ever noticed how Israel decided to invade Lebanon at the same time as the Palestinian elections? That sort of thing...

Rachel xx

My next comment has nothing to do with ME/CFS: I'm from Israel. Israel invaded Lebanon about six months after the elections of the "Palestinians", in which they elected a radical terror oranization in 1st place and a little bit less radical terror organization in the 2nd place. Israel invaded Lebanon, as I said, only about 6 months later, and it was after Hezbollah kidnapped two soldiers (eventually we've learned that they were dead already when kidnnapped). That happened about one month after Hamas kidnapped with other organizations another Israeli soldier. At first the Israeli invasion was limited and as far as I remember, was inteded to find the kidnapped soldiers. When soldiers of the Israeli army invaded Lebanon to look for the kidnapped soldiers, Hezbollah began bombing the Israeli civilization, in cities such as Kiriat Shemona, Naharyiah, Haifa etc with hundreds of rockets. So yes, it became a war. A rightous one, in which, because of our over-humanitarity, we didn't use a 1/10 of our power and therefor, unfortunately, hezbolla is still alive (even though resolution 1701 of the UN called for hezbolla to be disarmed. How surprising this didn't happen...).
Again, has nothing to do with ME/CFS, but the truth has to be told.
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muffin, there is a triangular button at the bottom of each post where you can alert moderators if you think a post is questionable. I will report this post for you this time, but if you want to get our attention, this is the way to do it in the future.

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Sorry muffin, but an inapropriate accusation has been made against Israel - So I answered it.You can imagine I don't read in this website because I think I would find political issues. I read about the Reeves issue (by the way, I think it's fantastic news and hope that cort's idea that it might ber because of positive results in the CDC blood testing for XMRV would turn out to be correct) and came across that message. You can imagine how disturbing it is for an Israely, especially when it's just false (I think "thefreeprisoner" didn't mean for something bad, but that does not turn his remark right). I think that if you erase my comment you must erase that part in thefreeprisoner's comment too.
This is inappropriate and not germaine to this website. Mods: Please remove this.

Hi Muffin!

We don't limit topics of discussion here, nor ask people to stay on topic in threads. The post didn't violate any rules.

However, I'll ask Omer and thefreeprisoner that if they wish to further discuss sensitive political topics, they do so privately or in the Community Lounge. That's our "talk about anything" forum and more appropriate for that type of topic. Thanks!
Good enough for me, Robin.To go back to the subject - I sure hope the virolgist which I heard replaces "Dr." Reeves would really try to find out the cause for the illness, and also the cure for it.
Sorry guys. I just thought I saw "hate" talk and over-reacted. I guess I am just so sensitive to anyone being hurt that I over react. Again, I apologize for being too sensitive and over-reacting.
Good enough for me, Robin.To go back to the subject - I sure hope the virolgist which I heard replaces "Dr." Reeves would really try to find out the cause for the illness, and also the cure for it.

The replacement for Reeves is Beth Unger, and although she works in virology she was a Pathologist by training. Also, her assignment is temporary. I have heard she is also close to retirement, so maybe they will leave her there for a few years. Dr Unger has a reputation for being very evidence-based (as a pathologist that makes sense) and she has reportedly debated with Reeves on some CFS issues.

This change certainly could work to our benefit. I see no reason to be pessimistic, this might be Dr Unger's chance to make a difference for CFS, a re-start of sorts. Here's hoping....
Personally, I believe the lateral move is not equal to the devastation he has caused to humanity since the mid 80's. While you may believe a lateral move is satisfactory, I don't. He should be removed and sent home packing. If you or I had caused such devastation, would we be allowed a lateral move on our job??? If you or I had ignored the Lake Tahoe epidemic back in the mid 80's, would we still be allowed to keep our job?? If you or I had ignored/denied Dr. DeFreitas' work in 1991, would we be allowed a lateral move?? I don't think so. I don't see why someone hasn't initiated a class action suit against him/the CDC. We are talking devastated lives, loss of lives, enormous financial burdens to those that suffer due to loss of jobs, untold medical costs, pain, humiliation,dealing with treatments that made us worse, not better and the list goes on and on. This man turned a deaf ear to humanity when he denied Dr. DeFreitas' work. He created his own litte holocaust with all of us as his victims. We are in our own little prison camps. We have suffered isolation, persecution and lack of proper medical care. We are 20 plus years behind in treatments because of him. I do not think a lateral move justifies the untold lives he has affected. The virus has been allowed to run rampant for that long. How many people has it been allowed to infect, not just the millions that suffer world wide? If it has affected OUR pocketbook, why shouldn't it be allowed to affect HIS pocketbook. Out with Dr. Reeves period. This is not just a blunder, a small mistake .... this is a holocaust as devastating as the earthquake in Haiti. We have been victims and no one is coming to our aid. How many in our camps could use financial aid? How many have been denied disability and are living without????? No, this size of debacle should have far reaching consequences to a man that refused to hasten our relief and suffering nearly 25 years ago. I can't look at a lateral move as anything satisfactory, not in the least.While it is a step in the right direction, it certainly does not equate to what we have suffered and continue to suffer.. ......