Article: Dr. Mikovits:Dr. Cheney XMRV talk (2/20/10) Part 1


Ty Kim, Ty Cort...Ty to everyone. This is indeed encouraging. Hope is a good thing.
Hello Kim. I have already sent a message saying a big:thumbsup:, but it has vanished to the dark regions of the universe. So...again a very big thank you, especialy as the audio was so poor.C.G.
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Thanks Kim.....Very appreciated since I'm on dial up and cannot watch live webcasts or video's.
Many thanks. Reading this cheered me up no end. I'm still working on a plan to get Judy Mikovits knighted or something very similar or whatever honour Her Majesty's Govt. can bestow on a 'foreign national'. Dame Judy sounds just about right.

thanks Kim

Thank you so much for the amazing feat of transcribing, Kim and Lilly. As someone who can't access audio or video media right now, and also as someone who has in past transcribed garbled tapes, I both understand and appreciate how much you have done.