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ARTICLE, by SelfHacked -- Brain Fog: The Hidden Causes and How to Fix It


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Ashland, Oregon
I thought the following was a particularly good article. I also think much of what he has to say is likely relevant to most people with ME/CFS.

Here's the introduction to the article:

I’ve suffered from brain fog as long as I can remember. Brain fog is what got me interested in health at an early age. At 12, I endeavored to stop eating any food with sugar and ate only whole grains.

I’ve always tried to eat as healthy as possible, yet I still had brain fog. I would always read about health when I got the chance, but nothing helped that much.

After many years of experimentation and research, I finally figured out what caused my brain fog and how to heal it. After having over 1,000 clients with brain fog (as of March 2018), I’ve identified the most common causes of brain fog and have helped others heal their condition as well.

Brain fog can last anywhere from a few minutes to decades, especially if someone hasn’t found the underlying causes. It depends on what the causes of the brain fog are.

In most cases, brain fog is reversible.
CONTENTS [of article]
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Pacific Northwest
Thanks for sharing, @Wayne !

His comprehensive list of sources of brain fog is excellent. I have experienced many issues in that long list and have been thrilled to gradually get rid of brain fog and improve my cognitive function by treating these several issues.

However, his short list of fixes at the end will leave many short. Though they are good things to try, the hints in the many triggers above that section are more effective detecting and treating what's ailing us.

The list of solutions will be very different for each of us, but this is a great hit list to work from.


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So Cal USA
@Wayne :thumbsup: Well presented article! Thank you~ I love being in the Sun~ I have since I was a kid. Now I have to be very careful no more than 20 minutes a few times a week. I now get what I refer to to PEM from too much sun~ it will really wipe me out~ so hats, long sleeves and umbrellas~ Still being out doors always feels better~