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Article: Being "Pushy" with Your Doctor

This just got bumped up today so I reread it. Good stuff.

I have a question about the ketamine gel.

Do you know if that's compounded into a PLO (or similar) transdermal gel? Transdermal compounds help penetrate layers of skin to get the med where it can help. Over the counter formulations (usually) can't do this.

I currently use a combo a pharmacist cooked up with my neurologist. It's ketoprofin, gabapentin and lidocaine in PLO. It's a very synergystic combo, but expensive depending on insurance. It gets my muscle pain much better than narcotics (even large doses) and I don't know how I lived without it. Much more practical than lidioderm patches which won't stick to my back where the muscle pain is worst.
Thanks for the info OTIS. My best friend has severe FM and the narcotis stopped working so she is now on methadone (drug to get people off heroin but cheap and used for pain). This concoction of yours might help her pain. Might also help my pain as well since my "every two hours" of Ultracet doesn't really get rid of the neck/shoulder/lower back pain and my newest fun thing is psoriatic arthritis -- in my hips, knees and ankles. Knees and ankles can hurt so badly and are so disabling that I can not walk or get off the ground or couch and must wear braces. I am trying to beat back a flare, the psorisis (which I never had until a year ago) is coming back near my tailbone (common area) and that means the pain/inflamm is going to hit my knees and ankles and basically cripple me until it lets go.

So thanks for the info. You may well have helped two people with big pain/spasms/disabling stuff.

I hope this helps. For me it helps with soft tissue. Not sure about deep into the joints, bit I use it on hip ligaments and it helps a ton.

Here are the details. The compound is written on the jar as 'Gaba 5%/Keto 5%/Lido 5%', which is 5% of the pain relievers, which are ground up.

I would suggest a trial of 30 or 60 grams. Without insurance its usually $1 per gram. Many compounding pharmacies can do PLO, but I'd try to go local if possible because you want a nice smooth (and somewhat sticky) consistency. If they mess it up, the compound can 'crack' and the solid and liquid components will separate. Alternately the thing can turn into a liquid goo. It's a bit of an art, but stick with it. If you run into problems you can drop the gaba and keto and just do the lidocaine, but insist on the PLO.

I can't recall the ingredient name (part of the PLO) but it has fascinating thermal properties. It's liquid in refrigerated form, a gel at room temp and solid at skin temp. Definitely store at room temp. It's sticky on application and I try to let it solidify as much ad possible before dressing. It will stick to clothing some. I've never had it stain clothes but a t-shirt is standard attire for me. It often leaves a residue that will wash out of cotten.

For me 2-3 layers (at 8-24 hour intervals) is ideal. My neuro was surprised at how long it works for me and your mileage will vary, but more than one layer is better. For me I hate to shower because I have start over on the process. My poor wife :)

I hope that helps! PM me if you have questions or problems.

thats one of the reasons i stay with my current dr, if i bring her info about a drug that has promise, she will not hesitate to let me try it. so far i've stayed away from the heavy duty meds.

But like you Kevin, I'm about to get radical! before it's too late. not getting any better, skinnier, or younger for that matter. Her staff is awful, her patient load is way to big, sometimes we fall thur the cracks, but shes all we have here. im giving it 6 more months and then will be having a long talk with the hubby about going out of state to another dr.

he will probably say No way, cause the money will have to come out of HIS 401k, i envy you, sounds like you have a very caring understanding spouse :)