Article: Australian ME/CFS Centers and Help Lines


handy info for people.. thanks Cort.

Its good that we can get people to talk to even if the arent a counsellor. Thou there isnt much otherwise then just someone to talk to available to help people (so similar to what a person gets by just coming to PR chat).

Lifeline which is a general counselling service isnt always good with dealing with ME/CFS and one can be told the suggestion to go out and exercise when one rings counsellors there be warned many of the vcounsellors there dont understand ME. (Lifeline can also be near impossible to get throu to at times).

One of the Aussie states ME organisation now apparently has also a social worker to help people. Ive forgotten which state that is in (it isnt in Sth Aust.). That would be good info to add to the ME/CFS social worker contact here as often we have issues to be try to be solved.

Ive recently been in contact with the person mentioned in my area by the local SA association and we are thinking about forming a support group in my area.... also we are wondering what we can do to fix the ME issues in my local area (including doctors who wont diagnose even CFS let alone ME). Im so far the only one in this area who's contacted her.
This looks like the list I sent Dainty, but a couple of states have gone missing:

New South Wales (NSW) - taniaaust1, the NSW society has a part-time social worker in their office
(02) 9904 8433

The Northern Territory and Tasmania are served by the Victorian society.