Article: A Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Patient Returns: An Interview with Marth

It sure is nice to see someone recover. She just did it using very simple techniques and then she found that blood volume was a critical part of the equation for her. That won't return for everybody obviously but I think her comment that more people recover than we think is probably true....they just move on....

Several years later after being in apparently perfect health she did relapse during a period of stress. It was eerie hearing how she kind of stumbled back into that CFS world - it was a very familiar one - but she was able to recover again. Check out the next part of her story here.
I believe the salt and water helped alot. It's just that kind of protocol isn't always possible for some of us. My lyme arthritis is made a thousand times worse when I try that. That's why I can't take salt tablets. Any real fluid retention or too much salt and the lyme arthritis is unbearable, plus the salt makes my acid reflux worse. But I really believe that a good portion of CFIDS/ME is related to low blood volume and POTS.