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Arsenic, lead, and SIBO


Senior Member
Seattle, WA USA
Are there any studies linking arsenic and/or lead poisoning, and SIBO?

If so, would arsenic and lead poisoning change treatments for SIBO? I'm on rifaxamin right now, but if I have arsenic or lead poisoning (which I'm certain I do) then wouldn't it repopulate after ceasing the antibiotics?

I had never heard of the ASARCO smelter growing up, but found out in the last couple of years that the city I grew up in is mildly contaminated, and the city I now live in is strongly contaminated. I was able to get my property tested for free as it is a known highly contaminated zone, and they basically just said don't eat anything that grows in that ground. Hmph. I'm a gardener... So presumably I am poisoned... from Most of my life.