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Arm/Shoulder Pain

Philadelphia, PA
Hey All!

I have a new symptom which I am not sure is related to ME/CFS...

I am getting pain up and down my right arm. It started in my elbow (like in the inside) and now seems to be radiating in the shoulder joint and elbow joint. This has been going on now for at least two weeks. It's REALLY annoying, and seems to be getting worse. (Side note: I've had joint pain before....and skin pain...but in the past, this has been located in my legs/knees and back.) I also have tingling in BOTH hands.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms and what you did to relieve the pain?



Senior Member
The other side.
it's unlikely to be what I had/have then as that affects primarily 2 fingers and the part of the hand attached (as well as shoulder to hand) - from extensive research (lol) best guess was vitamin deficiency causing nerve damage and I treated it as such - result - over 2 years later it's still there some of the time but whilst it's annoying/distracting at times it's no longer painful


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I've had similar pain, though not exactly as described. Best thing for it was to go to a local Tuei Na practitioner (a form of acupressure). I would also try acupuncture if she wasn't so good; I use acupuncture for other things. Also, Myoflex (topical aspirin cream) and going under a heat lamp (far infrared) for 15 or 20 minutes helps. You want the part exposed to the heat lamp to be about 18 inches away from the lamp.

But I'd say Myoflex and heat lamp are temporary fixes compared to acupressure (or acupuncture).


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Melbourne, Australia
I have had this on/off for years.

When on the outer elbow (years ago), it was diagnosed as "tennis elbow" & eventually I had to take 5 weeks off work when I couldn't write or hold a pen at all. (& it was extremely difficult to brush my teeth, put my contact lenses in or use a knife to cut hard vegetables for dinner). I actually had to change my diet temporarily when I couldn't cut things.

More recently (in the last 5-6 months), when it was the inner elbow (and wrists & hands), it was diagnosed as "golfer's elbow". I have armrests on my home desk/office chair & I was using my arm in a particular way repetitiously.

But I think it just another nerve pain or FM pain thing.

Try to determine if you are using your arm differently (before seeking medical advice).

Over the years I have had my wrist U/S & Xray'd several times because it was so painful (& once was very swollen). My right wrist is actual crooked compared to the left wrist.

But, as usual, there was nothing to be seen on the scans & xrays.

I also recommend not using the computer for a few days & seeing if it improves.

Many sessions with a chinese acupuncturist didn't help years ago, then about 9 months later I went to another herbalist/acupuncturist who "cured" the hand/wrist/elbow pain in 3 sessions.

At the time, it seemed miraculous (after only 3 sessions with the new guy).


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Sth Australia
That doesnt exactly describe any symptom Ive had (im still recovering from a torn tendon and having physio on my arm/shoulder).

With the symptom of tingling of the hands. Seriously consider that you may be deficient in B12 (be aware that you can be okay in the blood levels of it, but deficient in the actual body tissues). Tingling hands is one of the first ways B12 deficiency can start to show, symptoms often start in the extremetories (eg hands/feet and work their way up..arms, legs). Tingling can be the first sign of nerve damage which is starting to happen. Hence i highly suggest you trial B12 to see if this symptom goes or anything else improves.

Many with CFS/ME are helped by B12 injections such as hydroxocobalamin (I was on twice weekly injections for a couple of years)

best luck