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Are these symptoms POTS?


Senior Member
I'm a little confused over what POTS is, exactly. I know there's the blood-pressure/heart-rate changes on standing, which would presumably cause dizziness etc.

However, I have these symptoms and was wondering if they fit at all:

1. Extreme physical weakness (like my limbs are heavy/made of stone); also, some loss of coordination and difficulty walking. Moving my body becomes a burden.

2. A feeling that I'm sinking into the ground when I walk, or being pulled down by gravity.

3. Difficulty standing (but also because of the weakness + the sinking feeling).

4. Constant adrenaline.

5. Breathlessness/faintness on exertion (running up stairs).

The symptoms are worse when I haven't eaten, and are also improved sometimes by salt/hydration. Interestingly, when my 'adrenals' respond temporarily to things (caffeine, herbs etc.) before tolerance sets in, a lot of these symptoms improve.