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Archive of 2002 CMO's reports and annexes.

These links are from DXrevisionwatch/ @MEagenda, and I couldn't find them already on PR, so thought it could be worth compiling them for people here.

PDF Full CMO's Working Group Report on CFS/ME, 2002: http://t.co/GOsmjMRKcY

PDF CMO's Report CFS/ME 2002 on my site: https://t.co/CVlgLaHDrt

PDF Government response to CMO's Report CFS/ME on my site: https://t.co/Bj4717kK5I

Word doc: 7 pp Extracts from CMO's Report with particular reference to the severely affected (compiled by Suzy C) https://t.co/8yCQ2P3VTS

Note, Annexes 1-7 are not included in full report. Annexes 1-5 were not published at the time. 6 and 7 were published online and in print.

Archived CMO's Report: Annex 1: Epidemiology of CFS/ME:


Archived CMO's Report: Annex 2: Prognosis of CFS/ME:


Archived CMO's Report: Annex 3: Patient evidence:


Archived CMO's Report: Annex 4: General concepts and philosophy of disease:


Archived CMO's Report: Annex 5: Management of CFS/ME - evidence base:


Archived CMO's Report Annex 6: Management of CFS/ME - Report Summary


Archived CMO's Report: Annex 7: Management of CFS/ME in children and young persons summary: