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:oops:Sorry this is first tread post please forgive me if this has been posted somewhere else and any of my errors.

Arabinoxylan increases NK Cells demonstrating an immunomodulating effects in immuno-compromised cell state due to cancer and cancer treatments.

It has been shown that it increases natural killer cell activity especially in immuno-compromised patients. RBAC also increased other immune cells, T and B cells in normal healthy subjects and down-regulates immune-suppressing cytokines and up-regulates immune-enhancing cytokines.

RBAC has been shown to have potential therapeutic benefits with other diseases that involve immune dysfunction. It was shown to inhibit HIV-1 replication by inhibition of HIV-1 p24 antigen production in a dose-dependent manner.


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Hi Scotty,

I have used it for a short period in the past, and my perception of this treatment was, that it increased my overall pain. I really had the feeling it did the opposite of what it supposed to do. But, maybe I'll re-start this treatment, because with most of the treatments I start, It first gets worse, before it goes better.

Maybe I should give it another try, and wait longer ?

Best regards,


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I had a quick read. Anything with mushrooms on it or treated with mushrooms gives me severe brain fog and inceases my symptoms of weakness. My functioning goes downhill and takes a long time to improve when I stop. It will have to be other treatments for me.

If I was to research this supplement properly I'd read the actual papers in the report thoroughly and see if they do say that is claimed. Then I would look on the HIV/AIDS forums to see if people there think it is genuine or a scam.

People are always trying to sell us things and PWME have to develop a good nose for sniffing them out and for the "bad science" type forums that claim the opposite. ME is an incurable disease and so we are ripe for exploitation from both camps.

I did find this (but it may mean nothing or be biased)

BeneFin, SkinAnswer, and MGN-3 by Lane Labs-USA and President, Andrew J. Lane, Inc.

The government's complaint, filed by the United States Department of Justice in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, charges the individual defendant and his company with unlawfully promoting and marketing three products for the following diseases:

BeneFin, which is produced from shark cartilage, as a treatment for cancer and other diseases;

SkinAnswer, a glycoalkaloid skin cream, as a treatment for skin cancer and;

MGN-3, a rice-bran extract, as a treatment for cancer and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS

FDA began warning the defendants about the illegal nature of their promotion in June, 1997. Nevertheless, the defendants have continued promoting BeneFin, SkinAnswer, and MGN-3 as remedies for cancer and other diseases through such means as books, articles, Internet web sites, and employee statements. The government's request for a permanent injunction is based on the defendant's unwillingness to comply with the law. The government's action seeks an injunction against the defendants' distribution of these three unapproved drugs.




Thank you Overstressed and ukxmrv,

The feedback and information has allowed me to make the decision not to use this product! The cost verses benefit of a unproven product just doesn't cut it at $320 per month. It is from a local supplier to my Naturopath you have to be careful of those snake oil salesman!!