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anyone with me cfs cfids with vertical nystagmus


Senior Member
I can vouch for the fact that Bohemian has a very pronounced nystagmus and his doctors have frustratingly ignored it, although one wrote in his medical notes that it was the result of a 'delusion' . I read this myself. In whose minds was this a delusion? I am at a loss to understand how such an obvious nystagmus that suggests neurological damage can be delusional on the part of the patient. Could the doctor have meant that the persons who observed it (doctors and me amongst others and, of course, the author of the notes) are the ones experiencing the delusion?

I guess I had better make an appointment with a psychiatrist as I must be clearly delusional to believe that I have observed such pronounced nystagmus in Bohemian's eyes.:bang-head::whistle::ill:

Why do doctors get away with writing such works of irrational fiction about their patients?:mad: