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Anyone used this online pharmacy

SW Idaho
When you get into the site, they tell you that actually, you need one.

There are several places that are straight-forward - but you need the Rx....

You may run into a couple sites that explain you pay for them to find low prices only-and if you cancel your payment (once you realize this) they will charge you their "costs" in setting your "account" up and then undoing said account.

I also always read -and reread even for refills, all the privacy and terms stuff, as well.

Hope that is some help (not?). Pretty much these days they all require an RX for Valcyte/Valganciclovir.



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australia (brisbane)
prescription is no problems, i always have one as living in australia, australian customs search everything, just wanting to know if anyone has used these guys. Also having problems trying to find shipping costs etc, a pop up to get membership with them keeps coming up.

Have u used these guys freewindblowin?