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Anyone on hypertensive meds?

Started getting side effects from coversyl(ACE inhibitor) so considering starting the calcium channel blockers Dr prescribed me. But dont like the the idea of being on CCB long term.


Senior Member
I occasionally take a beta blocker when I have periodic spikes in my blood pressure, I have to cut the pills into quarters though because otherwise it works far too well.

Not sure about ACE inhibitors or calcium channel blockers, but I couldn't be on a beta blocker long term. I seem to have a sensitivity to medications and it took very little to correct whatever symptoms I was experiencing. There is what I would refer to as a "rubber-banding effect" if you're on a high enough dosage, where your blood pressure could swing right back up once you stopped taking it. However once I got myself down to quarters of a tablet, it was pretty much like my BP simply went back to normal.

Initially my doctor told me to just take the whole tablet, which I discovered was far too much, and taking it for just a few days left me just as non-functional had I been suffering high BP and the effects of adrenergic vaso-constriction.

In all, not a bad medication, but I just need it when my body seems to kick up a fuss for some reason, it happens from time to time, I chalk it up to having a borked nervous system.

It really helped my vision problems that would sporadically surface, it would also as-mentioned help with times when I knew I had high BP, especially the monster headaches I'd randomly get. Because beta blockers blunt the effect of epinephrine, the random incidents of my heartbeat racing would also improve.

Great meds if you're willing to endure some side effects for some relief, and especially if you can find a dosage range that doesn't come back to bite you if you can't take it long-term.