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Anyone here involved in Nancy Klimas' Autologous Study years ago?


Senior Member
Auckland, NZ
Hi all,

When Nancy visited NZ in 2006 she talked a bit about a pilot study she did years back, whereby she extracted patients blood (expanded up what was deficient - I assume NK cells), then she transfused this new "good stuff" back into the patient. Patients improved. This she termed as 'a proof of principle study'. Well, she never got further funding to either do it again (as it was expensive), nor were drug companies interested because it was using patients own blood.
I wonder now whether we could somehow convince a researcher to try this again. Even Nancy herself??
Or does WPI need to know this? I assume they do know about it? But maybe they don't? It always seemed obvious to me that as soon as people started showing interest that they should look at this treatment modality.