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Anyone heard of a company called Aussie Vitamins?


Senior Member
I got an email today, from Aussie Vitamins, asking if we could exchange links, them on Ncubator and vice versa.

I have not heard of them before, so don't know whether to go ahead with this or not.

Anybody know anything about them?

Here is a link to their website --



Senior Member
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Jody,

I have not heard of them either (but not having a computer at home means I don't spend a lot of time "surfing" the internet - I am now at the stage where I am searching under very specific subject matter when on-line after work).

I buy my supplements from my own local Health food store where I have got to know & trust the Naturapaths who work there. Generally, I research vitamins/herbs online & from my own books at home to a great depth before trying them.

I looked Aussie Vitamins up, & this guy seems to be just another internet marketer. It would appear that he wants to advertise on your website because your subject matter of CFS (& associated subjects) is one where there are literally thousands (or millions?) of people who might read your website & chance across his advert on your page. Therefore your website & in fact any CFS/FM or ICI website would have a far reaching audience.

Whether you choose to accept his request (& I naturally assume he is going to pay you - to advertise his site/products) is up to you. Or is he just offering to swap web links for free (ie you appear on his & he appears on yours).

Do you want to incorporate links/advertisements on your website?

What criteria do you have before accepting a link/advert? Do you feel comfortable advertising another link that you know nothing about?

On reading his info about the products he is marketing, he offers what appears to be very, very simple explanations. I'm not quite sure that he knows much about the products he's selling (except for what is written on the product label). I'm not quite sure that he knows much about alternative medicine either (although he does say he believes in alternatives to drugs & surgery).

I noticed he has Hilde Hemmes herbals on his product list. I personally think this is a very good brand & Hilde Hemmes is a qualified herbalist, so therefore that particuler brand is ok to buy - although it may be cheaper in my local shop (where I get a discount anyway).

But (in my limited experience), he doesn't seem to know much about the benefits of what he is selling & how they work.

I think his product descriptions are too simplistic.

Maybe he's trying to get into the overseas market.

May I suggest you look up the NZ Thompson's Brand of products & read their info on each product. I think this will give you an idea of what I talking about.

Thompsons are a site for their own brand of products (& Jody, admittedly, I use some of their products, but this is not a sales ad for Thompsons in NZ).

So, is he going to pay you for advertising his site - seems to be an important question?

I just think he is a marketing guru (offering info about the fact that he has degrees to imply he is very learned).

He doesn't write like someone with several degrees (& I don't think the phrase "sexual enhancers" in the product list is quite the best description on the product list - bit sleezy - & I am very broad-minded & worldly). TCM & Ayurvedic Medicine have much more appropriate/professional words to describe herbs or therapies which assist in treating intimate disorders or sexual disfunction. And he doesn't write like someone who understands the products he is selling (I only looked at a few of them).

Now, if he's someone's best mate, my comments will sound rather negative, sorry about that, but I just don't think his site is anything to recommend to my friends or family, therefore I wouldn't put his link on my own website (if I ever get one).

It's up to you.



Senior Member
Thanks Victoria,

I wouldn't be selling advertising space. I don't see myself doing that on Ncubator. This would just be a link exchange. They're asking me to put a link to their site on Ncubator. And they would put a link to Ncubator on theirs.

What you're telling me though tells me I will not be doing that. Unless I hear from someone who's had personal success with them. But I don't want to take the chance of putting up something I can't endorse.

So I will leave it alone for now.

Thanks for putting the time and thought into this for me. :)