Anyone had experience with the optimum health clinic UK?


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I really enjoyed the first video on this page (Secrets to Recovery) with OHC success stories

I'm intrigued by mention of testing and focus on treating for the ATP to ADP cycle.

Alex Howard has finally summarized their entire approach in a book scheduled to be released in October (I've pre-ordered).

And they were approved 18 months ago for clinical trials but were growing way too fast and had to completely restructure their organization and spend time to train new practitioners to handle the increasing demand for their services.
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I've been following the OHC for a couple years now and have gleaned some useful knowledge from their free materials. The psychological aspect is only one part of a holistic, multi-pronged approach that includes diet, testing hormone levels, etc etc. I deeply respect this approach and it is very in line with what I know about the human body and health. Their dietary recommendations are the same ones that I would recommend; they gave me dramatic improvements in my symptoms and are backed by all the latest scientific studies. The same is true of most of the rest of their regimen.

I know many folks here - including myself - have had bad experiences with people using psychology to imply that our physical illness isn't real. That's garbage and shouldn't happen. However, it's also true that psychology absolutely plays a role in physical health. I have a background in psych and can testify to all the links between thoughts, stress, and our bodies.

I actually got to do a personal interview, for free, with Alex Howard. He does give off a bit of a used car salesperson vibe, but he also seems genuinely knowledgeable and I got a sense of a person who really just wants to help people. I mentioned that I was crashing every day at around 4:30pm and he wisely suggested that this may have to do with not napping enough after my mid-day meal. I changed my napping routine in accordance with his suggestion and voila! no more 4:30 crash. My energy is much more even throughout the day as a direct result of my interview with him. It was very clear to me that he has learned a LOT from treating thousands of patients and that he knows his stuff.