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Anybody heard of VIP (Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide)?


Senior Member
This is a new treatment that (I think) Dr. Shoemaker developed. My doctor is having me try it.

It's supposed to have immune modulating properties but I think it might be geared towards biotoxin related illness.

It's a nasal spray from a compounding pharmacy.

Just wondering if anybody has heard of this?
I have never heard the name earlier... But it made me think of something Dr. De Meirleir mentioned

He mentioned once that there is a nasal spray that he can use as a last step on patients if there still are great symptoms when all the test results are ok after long-time treatments. As far as I understood, the spray he mentioned could "quick start" the hypothalamus so that sensory sensitivity and other symptoms disappear... But I think he considers it harmful to use it before other treatments and before tests is fine, since he finds the sensitivity to be an important defender that protects the body (by telling it to slow down) as long as there is reason for it

I am of course not sure if this is the same as the one your doc are talking about, and I am not saying that dr. De Meirleirs theory is the right one even if it should be the same...