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any way to lower / rebalance the proinflamatory cytokines?


Senior Member
I make a good improvement latelly and i belive if somehow i can normalize the citokines ativity i can be in normal health again.I am 26 and joints crack all the time,my spine feel sore ,an MRI of the spine show inflamation in the lower area and also plenty of deshidrated disc wich is usually due to age and is not case or (to my surprise) i read excesive circulating proinflamatory citokines..Also i tend to tremor especially when i sit on my back,and some part of my body feels like are burning sometimes..it's all spread in difeerent parts of the body so i guess is wise spread inflamation..I also didin t get a cold since i am sick so i guess that due to overactive immune system..Is it possible to normalize the citokines activity? to make the proinflamatory ones more lazy?:))cause i will apreciatte if they leave me alone..