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Any tips on making the most of a heart rate monitor/pedometer?


Senior Member
Hi all,

After hearing others find them a useful tool for pacing, I have just purchased a fitness tracker watch with a heart rate monitor and step counter.

Any tips on how to get the most out of it? I think the step counter will be a really useful tool to keep track of how physically active I've been, and a reminder not to do too much... I have also heard that heart rate can be an indicator of doing too much/PEM...

Any extra information, or tips on how to get the most out of it would be appreciated! ☺️


Senior Member
As far as steps try and keep it between 1-5k a day

I think Dr.Lapp mentioned most do well work 2-3k a

day.Each person has his or her own baseline.

It can be helpful to find what works for you..If you do

decide to increase doing it slow increments can help