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Any ideas?


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I don't know how to describe this really. I started with a left side headache around my eye and temple. My eye felt red and inflamed and tired. Pressure around my eye and nose. Left cheek was twitching in one place. Gradually over the weeks I have gotten worse, left side of shoulder, neck and back feels stiff and inflamed. Even my left hip/groin and leg hurts everyday when I walk. My bowels have been different i.e diarrhoea/ looser. I'm shattered everyday. If i rub all on my left side of my back/ribs etc its really sore compared to my right sort of feels like bruised bone . I have nausea and sometimes after I eat I get stomach cramps and gas. I just feel fed up with it all.


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Northern California
Hi @Fuzzyhead.

That sounds MISERABLE.

If we, for a moment, set the gut issues aside, it sounds like all of your pain symptoms are on the left-hand side of your body, correct?

Often when symptoms are one-sided like this, they often stem from the nervous system.

This is just a guess, albeit an educated one, that you *might* be suffering from some sort of neuritis or neuralgia.

Do you have direct access to a neurologist? Or a primary care physician that can refer you to one?

Even if you feel like the pain is coming from a bone, like a rib, or a hip, the pain can actually be coming from a nearby network of very irritated nerves.

It would be good for your doctor to know if the pain started in your head and disseminated downward, or if it hit everywhere all at once.

I would encourage you to tend to this as quickly as someone with ME/CFS can. *IF* it is a nerve issue, the nerves take a very, very long time to heal.

As I'm sure you know, your gut is controlled by your nervous system as well, but your doctor may get overwhelmed it you try to address all of your current symptoms in one appointment -- at least that has been my experience.

I really feel for you Fuzzyhead, and I hope that comes through in this post.

Best of luck to you and I hope you'll keep us posted.

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